ADMONI, VLADIMIR GRIGORYEVICH (1909–1993), Soviet Russian literary and linguistic scholar. A professor at the Pedagogical Institute of Leningrad, he specialized in Germanic and Norwegian languages and literature and in the theory of literary translation. He wrote monographs on Ibsen (1956) and Thomas Mann (1960; in collaboration with T.I. Silman) and on problems of German syntax (1955). He also translated and edited the standard Russian version of the works of Ibsen (4 vols., 1956–58). During the 1964 trial of the young Leningrad Jewish poet Yosif brodski , Admoni, who testified for the defense, was ridiculed by the presiding Soviet judge for his "strange-sounding" (i.e., Jewish) name. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Y. Brodski, Stikhotvoreniya i poemy (1965); Kratkaya literaturnaya entsiklopediya, 1 (1962), 88. (Maurice Friedberg)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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